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Handicrafts and Souvenirs (Iran tourism)

Handicrafts and Souvenirs,iran tourism
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Handicrafts and Souvenirs, Kohkiluyeh Va Boyer Ahmad 

Since long the tribes of Kohkiluyeh Va Boyer Ahmad province, used to make several types of handicrafts and hand woven products. The existence of lots of raw materials, such as wool, has provided a good scope that enables people to create articles in different types, colors, and at a desired quality. These articles are in great favor. 90% of these handmade products are marketed out of this province.

There are several types of different woven crafts. Some of them are knitted, such as rugs, cushions, satchels and Kilims . Others are carpets, gabeh, Kilims, (or coarse carpets), gloves and other handicrafts that are made by the tribes of this province which are in demand.