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Caspian Sea (Iran tourism)

Caspian Sea,iran tourism
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Caspian Sea, Mazandaran 

The largest lake of the world, Caspian sea (land-blocked body of water), covers an area of 438,000 sq. km. and is located between Iran and countries such as the Republics of Qazaqistan, Turkamanistan, and Azarbayjan. Its southern coast which extends from the Hosseinqoli Gulf to Astara is in the jurisdiction of Iran. In past this lake was known as Heerkani, and in foreign texts and maps was called 'Caspian'. The average depth of this lake in the north is 6 m. and to the west and south west regions is at the most 1,000 m. The coast of this lake is sandy and low-lying, with the Gulfs of Qarah Boqaz and Gorgan to the north east and southeast respectively. The latter is segregated from the Caspian Sea due to the presence of the Miankaleh Peninsula.

The Anzali Wetland also separates from this lake by the Qazian Island. The Caspian Sea comprises of three sections, the northern, central and the southern ones. The Iranian coasts of the Mazandaran Sea stretches to the length and width of 3 to over 30 km. from Astara to Gomishan and the mouth of the Attrak. Its northern landscape engulfs the blue and considerably calm Caspian Sea, and in the southern region, except for the western sector which comprises of high lands and wetlands in general, are the scenic beauty painted by the forests on the skirts of the Alborz Mountains. Much beyond these forests , stand the majestic and snow-capped peaks of Alborz, enhacing a special beauty to the said landscape.  Besides which, surrounding the coastal area are citrus orchards, rice fields, verdant pastures- all rendering a glorious and eye-catching view! The most important regions in this vicinity that can be interesting regarding tourism are the following: Ramsar - Alamdeh axis, Alamdeh - Babolsar axis, and Babolsar - Farah Abad axis and Behshahr.