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Imamzadeh Koshteh Khaneh (Iran tourism)

 Imamzadeh Koshteh Khaneh,iran tourism
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Imamzadeh Koshteh Khaneh, Mehreez 

 This resting-place is located next to the Jame' Mosque in Mehreez of Yazd province. According to some narrations during Mongol invasion to Iran a group who took refuge in this Imamzadeh, were massacred, thus called "Koshteh Khaneh" (house of killed people). The dates of 969, 1030, 1082 AH.are visible on the walls of this structure. There is a grave in the middle of the place with height and width of 1.25 m. and length of 2.50 meters. The edifice was repaired and reconstructed in 1963.