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Kharmanehsar Cave (Iran tourism)

 Kharmanehsar Cave,iran tourism
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Kharmanehsar Cave

The said cave is located in the heights of the Kharmanehsar Mountains in the village of Shah Neshan. A type of granite and white limestone have formed columns and hangings (Stalagtites and Stalagmites) very similar to those of a chandelier, suspended from the roof of the cave. Needless to say this natural feature has added to its beauty.

There is a interwoven, window-like opening near the peak of the Kharmanehsar Mountain, but this inlet must not be mistaken for the actual mouth of the cave, as it has nothing to do with the same. Above the opening or mouth of the cave there is a large crevice resembling a room, around which are smaller crevices. These are nesting places for bats and such creatures who do not take long to make their appearance to 'welcome' a visitor on hearing footsteps. But on entering the cave, and after a short distance an approximately large space is encountered with, after which there comes a water-hole filled with clean, sparkling water.

Within 50 m. of this cave, is a crevice similar to the mouth of well and to enter one must crawl in this crevice. There is another world encountered here, full of wonder and speculation. Hence a precipice appears that requires team work or at the least appropriate mountaineering gear. After which there is a long way to go passing through a tunnel like structure, at the end of which another larger mouth of a well appear. This also needs special apparatus for its descend. On leaving this well behind, about 100 m. ahead of which is a tomb like structure and this requires special mountaineering cables and ultimate caution to enable crossing. After a few seconds a large hall with very high roofs and a gradual incline comes into view.

The slope extends downwards and it seems that this is the end of the cave. But this is not so and retaining the end of the cave is another extensive branch. This segment resembles the ancient structure of a market- place or bazaar and in some places of which hand dug out shelves can be noticed. In the flooring of this portion there is a mouth of a well which leads to the end of this hall. In order to get to this portion of the cave at least 6 hours of effort is required. These vicinities are filled with suspended stones which are large in size. This cave has been used for human settlement in two periods- the first was in the pre-historic ages and the second in 4th century AH.