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Lasjerd Shah Abbasi Caravansary (Iran tourism)

Lasjerd Shah Abbasi Caravansary,iran tourism
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Lasjerd Shah Abbasi Caravansary, Semnan 

This caravansary is located in the village of Lasjerd of Semnan, and is a structure related to Shah Abbas Safavid I. It has two porches and a large courtyard with 24 rooms or chambers around it. The two porches are situated to the east and west of the structure and these are connected to the corridors. The ceilings of these porches are intricate in design and are arched or barrel - shaped. This structure has four entrances connecting the courtyard to the corridor. These entrances also have arched ceilings. Opposite this 'halting places' were erected. This structure was constructed of a mixture of gypsum and mortar, besides brick and stone, and the same has been brought under repair for several times.