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Qadamgah Mausoleum (Iran tourism)

 Qadamgah Mausoleum,iran tourism
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Qadamgah Mausoleum, Mashhad 

This beautiful Mausoleum dates back to the 11th century AH and is octagonal shaped with tall porticos and two storeyed arches and decorated with seven colored tiles and plaster moldings. It is located in a large garden in the village of Qadamgah and has been erected by Shah Soleiman in the year 1091 AH. In this Mausoleum there is a stone tablet that bears the impression of the soles of two feet. It is said that these impressions belong to the feet of His Holiness Imam Reza (AS). The dome of this structure has been decorated with white and turquoise colored diamond shaped figures which surround the dome. An inscription which is written by Al Abd Mohammad Hossein in Thulth script can also be noted.