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Sheikh Zahed Gilani Tomb (Iran tourism)

 Sheikh Zahed Gilani Tomb,iran tourism
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Sheikh Zahed Gilani Tomb, Lahijan 

This historical structure is situated in the Sheikhanvar village of Lahijan. The same is relevant to Tajeddin Ebrahim or Sheikh Zahed Gilani. The structure covered with earthenware tiles is of a pyramid shape, with a pointed dome and ceiling of plaster work. The only inscription on the wooden chest on the tomb reveals the date of 832 AH. The architectural style of the structure displays the effects of the 8th or 9th century AH. The same has been on record in Iran. 

Other Tombs, Gilan 

  Other tombs of the province are as follows: the Mir Shah Mahmood tomb in Lasht Nesh; Baba Vali in Daylaman; Mir Shamsedin Lahiji in Lahijan; Aqa Seyed Hossain Kiya in Astaneh Ashrafieh; Aqa Seyed Marandi in the east of Manjil; Peer Hassan and Peer Masoud in the north east of Lahijan; Soltan Mahmood Shah Dinvari in Khotbeh Sara; Soltan Mohammad Kiya in Lahijan; Peer Mahaleh Mausoleum in the Rankoo village of Roodsar; Aqa Seyed Ebrahim in Roodsar; ; Molla Aaqel Mausoleum in Lahijan; Aqa Seyed Qasem, to the east of Koochesfahan; Seyed Ali Qaznavi in Lahijan; Mir Shamseddin in Lahijan, Mir Nezameddin and the tomb of Dr. Heshmat in the Cheleh Khaneh locality of Rasht.