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Geographical Position (Iran tourism)

Geographical Position,iran tourism
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Geographical Position, Gilan Province 

Covering an area of 14,042 square kilometers, Gilan province is located in the north of Iran, stretching between the Alborz and Talesh Mountain Ranges. According to the latest divisions of the country , the townships of the province are: Astara, Astaneh Ashrafieh, Bandar Anzali, Rasht, Roodbar, Roodsar, Somiehsara, Fooman, Lahijan, Langerood, Talesh and Shaft. Rasht is the provincial capital. Gilan province, shares borders with the provinces of Ardabil on the west, Mazandaran on the east, Zanjan to the south and the Caspian Sea and the Republic of Azarbayjan to the north.In the year 2006, this province had a population of approximately 2.4 million, of which 53.88% were registered as urban dwellers and 46.11% as rural dwellers. Stretching from the east to west are the mountainous regions of Talesh, Masooleh, Poshtkooh as well as the Alborz Mountain Ranges, which itself is composed of western,central and eastern parts. The western Alborz surrounds the province like a wall, and its highest peak is called 'Fak' or 'Dolfak' meaning an eagle's nest. The plains of the province extend between the mountainous areas and the sea, reaching an altitude of 100 m. above sea level. These are divided into three main parts named as, Talesh, eastern and western Gilan.