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Qarah Church (Tatavoos Church) (Iran tourism)

 Qarah Church (Tatavoos Church),iran tourism
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Qarah Church (Tatavoos Church)

This church is situated in the village of Qarah Kelisa, district of Siyah Cheshmeh, Maku. It is the tomb of the sacred Thaddeus. According to historical records of the Sassanian period, some of the Armenians were the followers of prophet Zoroaster, whereas some were sun worshipers. In the year 43 AD. two men by the name of Tatavoos and Batholemus preached on Christianity in the vicinity of Azarbayjan, thereby gaining number of followers (3500 people ) including the daughter of the monarch of the time.

In order to stop the advancement of Christianity, the Armenian ruler ordered for their massacre in the year 66 AD. It is said that their bodies were buried in the vicinity of this church. In the year 1329 AD. , the church was renovated and in the year 1810 AD. was repaired. This church comprises of two sections, one is the 'Black Church' which is the older section, and the other being the 'White Church' is larger than the other and is the new segment. The black church has mythical artistic efforts on its structure whereas in the new church the engravings differs.



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