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Karoon River (Iran tourism)

Karoon River,iran tourism
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Karoon River, Khuzestan 

 The Karoon River, is one of the longest and most saturated rivers of Iran. It originates from the springs present in the skirts of the Vank and Zard Kooh Mountains in the village of Shurab, 91 km. from Shahr-e- Kord. With the name of Ab-e-Koohrang, it flows along the western valley of the Zard Kooh Mountains towards the south west. Entering into the Koohrang Dam Lake, a part of the water is channeled through a tunnel in the mountains, to the source of the Zayandeh Rood River, and another part, crosses the dam, and after following a long distance in the western valley of the Zard Kooh Mountains, and before entering Khuzestan, joins the Khersan River.

After which it flows through a part of the village of Mian Kooh and leaves the province of Chahar Mahal Va Bakhtiyari and enters the Khuzestan province. At this point a few minor tributaries join it, and continues in a north eastern direction entering the village of Sosan, and the eastern valley of the Lander Mountains making its way to the northern valley of the Gozir Mountains after following a long and meandering course. On continuation of its course, the Karoon is joined by various tributaries, at 8 km. north west of Shooshtar it joins the Shoor River and after crossing this vicinity, it divides into two.

The western branch after joining the Huram River, rejoins the said in Qir. It is at this point that it intermingles with the Dez River (the most important and largest branch of Karoon river), and continuing a long course it flows towards Ahvaz. On entering Khoram Shahr, to the east, it divides into two. The western branch called Bahman Sheer flows towards south west and through Khormosi reaches the Persian Gulf. The eastern branch in the south of Khoram Shahr enters the Arvand Rood River. Just like the Karkheh River, Karoon also follows a spectacular interesting course.