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Local Music and Dances (Iran tourism)

Local Music and Dances,iran tourism
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Local Music and Dances, Kurdestan 

 Kurdish music so to speak spells notes well intermingling with the life, culture, historical, music and religious beliefs of the people. The Hooreh or Ahoura melody is a distinct example of such music. Some of the musical instruments used are named as, the tambourine, drum, kettledrum and flute including others. The method and way of use of such musical instruments is different from one region in Kurdestan to the other but basically they follow the same style and methos. In joyous ceremonies such as weddings and festivities the delightful melodies of Kurdish music bring joy and happiness to guests and hosts. 

The other type of Kurdish music is religious music which is performed in special religious ceremonies such as Eids. The way of performance of the Kurdish music and dances which has intermingled with tradition and believes of the people of this region is one of the main feature considered in tourist industries.  The men perform dances mainly in groups, with rhythmic and proportionate movements. One of the well known local dances is known as "Jarmaq", which is performed even currently in the various tribes, cities and villages of Kurdestan. Mention must be made of the Sufi sect. They are a type of Dervish and during special ceremonies that are held in the monastery, they dance in rhythmic movements at first, till a frenzy trance takes over. These dances are performed during joyous events.