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Hassanloo Hill (Iran tourism)

 Hassanloo Hill,iran tourism
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Hassanloo Hill

This hillock lies 12 km. to the north east of Naqadeh next to the Hassanloo Village. It is about 20 m. higher than Godar River which is flowing at its foot. Its radius being approximately 250-280 m. In some researches carried out in this regard, it is believed that there have been ten different periods in which this area had been inhabited, of which the fourth period 800-1300 BC. is of higher archeological value. It has come to light that the structures of this period were all constructed of stone. Remnants such as castles, defense ramparts, a few halls and small chambers have been discovered.

Within the castle, a courtyard surrounded by large and small chambers, pillared halls and lengthy porticos exist. Besides chambers which were interconnected, and a large hall (also known as a place for worship) that stood near the entrance to the courtyard, there were also storage places, kitchen quarters and an artillery area. Surrounding the western portion of the courtyard were about 15 chambers both large and small.

The reputed Gold Cup or Goblet of Hassanloo (known as the 'Jaam-e-Zarrin-e-Hassanloo', 21 cm in height, 6 cm in circumference , weighing 590 gr. of pure gold was discovered is this hillock. A variety of pots, swords, spears, toiletry vessels (used by women), articles of stone, earthen ware, glass ware and metal ware have been also found in this area.