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Neka Forests (Iran tourism)

 Neka Forests,iran tourism
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Neka Forests, Neka 

The city of Behshahr is responsible for adjoining the various forest areas of the region. These routes are narrow and situated in the dense forests. In these forests are landscapes such as mountainous valleys as well as those with rivers flowing trough them. These in turn have brought about the presence of streams, springs and waterfalls. For example, the Qol Marz Spring Neka, Tuska, Ramian and tens of other such springs. The waterfalls of Duzadeh, Darab Kella and Zanget and the beautiful valleys of Neka and Zarom Rivers, besides the Estakhr-e-Posht lake are in this vicinity.Moreover, the scattered rural areas with the traditional mode of structure can be of great interest to visitors.