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Farah Abad (Safavi) Aggregate (Iran tourism)

 Farah Abad (Safavi) Aggregate,iran tourism
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Farah Abad (Safavi) Aggregate, Sary 

This aggregate is at a distance of 28 km. north of Sary, in the village of Farah Abad. During the reign of Shah Abbas Safavid, the same was considered as one of the important structures in the north of Iran. It was because of this reason that the royal palaces, mosques, schools, bazaars, baths, bridges and gardens were set up here. Unfortunately this was destroyed by a group of rebellious Cossacks of the Tzar. Only the mosque remained untouched in this turmoil.

The said structure, that is the mosque comprised of a central court-yard and chambers on the east, west and northern sides. It is unique in architectural techniques and was most probably utilized as a school. Today, this mosque is in a better condition as it has undergone repairs. But unfortunately, due to the passage of time, the palace (Jahanama) is heading towards deterioration.  

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