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Mir Chakhmaq (Amir Chakhmaq) Mosque (Iran tourism)

Mir Chakhmaq (Amir Chakhmaq) Mosque,iran tourism
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Mir Chakhmaq (Amir Chakhmaq) Mosque, Yazd 

 The same is reputedly known as the Jame' Nou Mosque. The mosque is a relic of the Safavid period, and was constructed by Amir Jalaleddin Chakhmaq Shami and his spouse Fatimeh Khatoon (Seti Bibi). Amir Chakhmaq was the governor of the time in Yazd, and one of the Teimoorids commanders, who was held in high esteem by the monarch Shahrokh. The mosque was completed in the year 841 AH. On the threshold of the mosque, is a carved inscription in the Naskh script, revealing a deed relevant to the endowment, on the eastern entrance of the mosque is a tiled epigraph with the Tholths scrip. Around the dome of the said structure is an inscription adorned with the cuneiform or Kufic script.


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