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Qeidar Nabi Mausoleum (Iran tourism)

 Qeidar Nabi Mausoleum,iran tourism
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Qeidar Nabi Mausoleum

 This mausoleum is that of Qeydar Ben Esmail Ben Ebrahim one of the prophets of the Bani Israili clan. The construction of this structure dates back to 719 AH. and the dome of which was built in the year 751 AH. and its plaster molding was carried out in the 11th century AH. The so to speak encasing around the grave or shrine is an artistic and delicate carving of wood such as geometrical designs, flowers and paisley design can be observed in the carvings.

There is also a special area for pilgrims around the shrine. In the courtyard of this mausoleum are chambers to be utilized by pilgrims who visit the shrine. On the sides of the southern entrance two flowers can be noted.