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Teimareh Epigraphs (Iran tourism)

 Teimareh Epigraphs,iran tourism
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Teimareh Epigraphs, Khomein 

The aggregate of engravings and impressions in the rocks of Teimareh, seem to be that of the pre-historic age, due to repetitions, lack of diversity and the kind of impressions. The number of impressions here range between 2500-3000 as recorded. These impression are similar to the works of hunters in the long past. The implements drawn here are bow and arrow, lasso, fist, club, saddle spears and two headed spears, swords and…   

The above mentioned display various kinds of animals that were hunted, which are mostly the mountain goat. Moreover, there are other engravings amongst the above mentioned and these are related to the recent decades. The location of one of these impressions is on the skirts of the elevations overlooking the Saeed Abad village.