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Dowlat Abad Garden (Iran tourism)

Dowlat Abad Garden,iran tourism
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Dowlat Abad Garden, Yazd 

 This garden has an aggregate of different buildings which were designed and constructed during the time of Mohammad Taqi Khan in the Zandieh era. It was the residence of Khan and his government and officials. The wind trapper of this garden is 33 meters high and is considered an architectural masterpiece and a symbol of the Yazdi architects' genius, mental ability, talent and art. The most significant characteristics of the design of this building is believed to be the attempt of the architect in selecting tactful angles for providing the best views and landscape internally. The Dowlat Abad garden is regarded as one of the sites worth visiting due to verdant gardening skill in landscape architecture, irrigation method, and in the richness of architectural design. It is for this reason that the same has been recorded as a historic building.

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