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Imamzadeh Shahzadeh Hossein (Iran tourism)

Imamzadeh Shahzadeh Hossein,iran tourism
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Imamzadeh Shahzadeh Hossein, Qazvin 

The said Imamzadeh is located within the city of Qazvin and is the resting abode of Hossein, the offspring of Hazrat Ali Ebne Moosa-Al Reza (AS), who passed away in 201 AH. The primary structure dates back to the Shah Safi era. There is a date of 806 AH. on the extremely valuable wooden sepulchre of the mausoleum which seems to be the earliest date noted here. This structure was renovated in the early 14th century AH.

The Imamzadeh comprises of the entrance, courtyard and mausoleum. On its vaulted entrance tile-work in geometrical design can be observed, and on the two sides of the structure are the minarets. The elevated entrance of the structure is majestic and each side of the door has a knocker under which is a phrase in the beautiful Naskh script. The epigraph affixed on the entrance is dated 1307 AH. and has 12 poetical verses inscribed on it. to the both side of the threshold are five chambers along with a porch, and to the three remaining sides are other porches. The threshold leads on to the vestibule which ends up to a vast courtyard. 

The walls of this courtyard have false arches, and in the center of the courtyard is a large octagonal structure that is an area where water for consumption is available, on the top of which an inscription has been affixed. The main dome rests amidst the four porches that are on the four sides. The mausoleum itself resembles a castle that overlooks its surroundings from the interior and exterior sides.