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Lambasar Castle (Iran tourism)

Lambasar Castle,iran tourism
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Lambasar Castle, Qazvin 

The said castle is one of the magnificent structures of the province with the two rivers of Lomehdan and Mineh flowing on the two sides of it. From three sides, that is in the eastern, southern and northern directions, this castle prolongs towards deep precipices. Its southern and eastern ramparts can still be observed. The southern gateway of the castle comprises of two successive doorways with a 6m. difference in level. To both sides of the first doorway, are two towers each 6 m. in height. The walls and ceilings of the successive doorway are of sculptured stone.The vital structures of this castle were near the northern gateway, and the only relic is a tower. In the southern sector are 12 narrow chambers facing east, besides other with barrel shaped ceilings, constructed with the ramparts of the castle. An interesting aspect is the water canal that enters the castle from the north, terminating in the cubical water reservoirs excavated in stone. Besides these, there are other water reservoirs in the northern and eastern sides and so too the exterior of the ramparts of the castle. Nearing the end confines of the structure in an slopping area are a few water reservoirs close to each other, and extruded out of stone. The said castle is one of the most spectacular structures in Iran and related to the pre-Islamic period.