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Local Music and Dances, Khuzestan

Local Music and Dances, Khuzestan,iran tourism
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Local Music and Dances, Khuzestan 

 In the province of Khuzestan Shooshtari notes played in "Homayoon" musical division are very famous.Musical instruments such as "Flute", "Oboe", "Kettle drum", "Tambourine" and other instruments are used. Arab lamentations and poetry such as "Abu Ziyeh","Atab","Abu Tageh" or "Basteh", etc., have deeply influenced this territory. The local Arab music singers are called "Al Khashebeh" which play arabic music. There is another local arabic song and music known as "Alvaniyeh". In "Atab" melody there is some kind of sorrow, while "Abu Tageh" is a delighting group song which is normally accompanied with a group dance called "Talgat Asba'". Arabic musical instruments are "Motbag", "Windpipe", "Al Azabeh", "Drum", "Tambourine", "Al Zanjari", "Robab", "Santur" and "Damam".