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Local Music and Dances

Local Music and Dances,iran tourism
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Local Music and Dances, Golestan 

The Turkaman music which has more than 500 melodies, has been basically played according to four main divisions, i.e., "Mokhammas", "Tashnid", Qajiqlar" and "Navayee". These divisions can be played in four different methods in special regions or sects. These four methods are known as "Gorgan Yooli", which is more simpler than the other methods; "Damana Yooli", which is more related to the performance style of Khorassan Turkamans (and is more reputed than "Gorgan Yooli"); "Mari Yooli" and "Khiveh Yooli". The most famous and important Turkaman musical instrument is "Dotar".