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Climate, Tehran And Alborz Provinces

Environmentally speaking the climate of Tehran and Alborz provinces in the desert and southern territories is warm and dry, in the skirts of the mountains cold and semi -humid, and in the higher regions cold, experiencing long winters. The hottest months of the year are from mid-July to mid-September when temperatures range at an average of 28° - 30° C and the coldest months experience a 1° C temperature that is in December-January. Tehran city has moderate winters and hot summers. North of which and Shemiranat experience a moderate climate in summers. The average annual rainfall is approximately 400 mm., the maximum being during the winter season.Generally speaking, throughout spring, summer and even autumn seasons, regions such as the southern slopes of the Alborz Mountains, specially in the mountain, valley, river and lake regions formed behind the great dams of Amir Kabir, Latiyan and Lar along with natural lakes of Jaban and Tarr have considerable recreational values and provide further facilities in this regard.More over due to excessive snowfall in the northern areas of the province during the winter season, the southern slopes of the Alborz form an excellent environment for winter sports specially skiing.