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Chehel Khaneh Historical Caves

 Chehel Khaneh Historical Caves,iran tourism
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Chehel Khaneh Historical Caves, Dashtestan 

In the north of 'Sa'dabad' (district of Burazjan), the 'Shapour River' flows through the rocky, stony and layers of heaped sand. The two sides and within these rocks, there are numerous crypts (similar to tiny 'dug out' chambers or rooms). Chehel Khaneh is in keeping with the meaning of 40 rooms or houses that are located here. Another concept of it being Cheleh Khaneh where the 'devout' and 'Yogis' existed. There is a possibility that these crypts were burial places during the period of 'Medes' and 'Sassanids'.