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Chehel Dokhtaran Castle

 Chehel Dokhtaran Castle,iran tourism
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Chehel Dokhtaran Castle, Nik Shahr 

 In the upper Sookhteh Valley and in the wide bed of the Hamoon, to the southwest of Nik Shahr is the ruins of a structure reputedly known as 'Chehel Dokhtaran'. The same comprises of a tall castle and a minaret on the entrance which faces the east. The form of this minaret reveals that on each side of the entrance two chambers were present, and this (minaret) may be related to the minarets of 'Sar-o-Tar' and 'Chehel Borj'.  

The Chehel Dokhtaran structure has been constructed on a platform comprising of large slabs, cemented together with clay. There are a row of light sutures on the upper portion which have aided in the protection of the stone walls.