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Caspian Sea

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Caspian Sea (Khazar Sea), Bandar Turkaman 

The shore of Caspian Sea with its verdant plain and high mountains are one of the most attractive parts of the Golestan province and Iran. The Caspian Sea covers an area of 438,000, and is the largest lake of the world. Its southern shores from Hossein Qoli Gulf upto Astara in Gilan belongs to the Iran coast line. A part of eastern and southern coasts of the Caspian Sea is limited to the Golestan province.

The sea shore is normally sandy and shallow and in some points it has turned to sandy hills. The Caspian Sea plays an important role in the northern coastal climate of Iran. The natural beauties of the Golestan coastal regions totally depends on the maintenance of biological conditions of the sea. In Golestan province there are two jetties in Gaz and Bandar Turkaman with transportation and recreational facilities.