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Baqe Gonbad Sabz Mausoleums

Baqe Gonbad Sabz Mausoleums,iran tourism
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Baq-e-Gonbad Sabz Mausoleums, Qom 

In the vicinity of the 'Baq-e-Gonbad Sabz', which is a small garden to the east of the city, are three relics dating to the 8th century AH. This vicinity is reputedly known as Darvazeh Kashan and so too its domes. According to inscriptions two of these are the tombs of ancient commanders from the Ali Safi household in the 8th century AH., and the third dome is also of the same period according to historical records. The inhabitants of Qom take these three structures to be the tombs of Sa'ad, Saeid and Masoud', great Arab personalities, who enlivened Qom in the Islamic era.