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Baqcheh Jooq Palace

 Baqcheh Jooq Palace,iran tourism
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Baqcheh Jooq Palace

This palace is located at a distance of 8 km. between Maku and Bazargan border town and is situated in a vast garden covering about 11 hectares. This palace was built at the end of Qajar era under the orders of Iqbal-ol-Saltaneh Makui, one of the commanders of Mozafaredin Shah. This edifice can be divided into four portions: 

The gateway and courtyard having a relatively small vestibule with a ceiling adorned with paintings.

The main palace in two floors, having a gable-roof and numerous halls and chambers adorned with paintings, plaster moldings and mirror-work.

A building constructed of stone or the kitchen of the palace finished in polished stone. Lastly, miscellaneous areas such as storage spaces and toilets.

The facade of the edifice is enhanced with statues of plaster and banisters made of same material have enhanced its beauty. Due to the fact that this palace is located on the transit road of Turkey-Europe, thousands of tourists visit this place annually.