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 Bam-e-Farhad ,iran tourism
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This ancient, historical city (1st millennium BC.) was known as Baam-e-Farhad in the heights surrounding the Sangar Village, 7 km. north of Maku. This city has no means of defense and belonged to the Orartoie tribe or clan. To the east of the city is a temple made of stone. This is the temple of the 'God of War' (Khalidi) of the said tribe.

Amongst the surrounding heights public houses can be observed and to the west of the city public facilities are seen. In Archeological excavations, the city ramparts along with one temple constructed in stone have been discovered. During the time when city flourished, it covered an area of approximately 20 hectares, and its inhabitants utilized the water of the Sangar River which flowed through the city.