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Ahvaz (Iran tourism)

Ahvaz,iran tourism

The township of Ahvaz is situated in the central portion of the province and has a warm and humid climate. Ahvaz is the center and largest city of the province and is located 874 km.


Kooh Gol Lake (Iran tourism)

 Kooh Gol Lake,iran tourism

The Kooh Gol Lake is located to the north of Boyer Ahmad and in the north eastern part of tourism city of Sisakht and close to the hills of Kooh Gol.


Barm Alvan Wetland (Iran tourism)

 Barm Alvan Wetland,iran tourism

This wetland is located in the extremity of the Kohkiluyeh township, and is about 8 hectares in area. Around this region waterfowls such as geese, ducks and gulls can be observed.


Old Dehdasht (Iran tourism)

 Old Dehdasht,iran tourism

Based on the historical writings, this area was called Belad Shapour in the past and was founded by Shapour I, the son of Ardeshir Sasanid I.


Margoon Village (Iran tourism)

 Margoon Village,iran tourism

Margoon is a part of the township of Boyer Ahmad and is located 24 km. of west of Yasooj - Brujen Road. The Saqaveh River passes from its southwestern part.