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Ali Spring Edifice

 Ali Spring Edifice,iran tourism
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Ali Spring Edifice, Damqan 

The province of 'Gomess' and the city of Damqan, was favored by the monarchs of the early Qajar dynasty. Thus prompting rulers such as Aqa Mohammad Khan and Fathali Shah to construct beautiful edifices in the vicinity of Ali Spring (Damqan). The said have been brought under repair in the recent years. The Ali spring edifice comprises of two parts, one being the sentry post which has been made of sun baked bricks and the architecture resembles the Safavid era. During the reign of Aqa Mohammad Khan Qajar this was in use. The other was a two storeyed building constructed of bricks with a stone foundation. The same was situated in a natural lake, and is related to the period of Fathali Shah.