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Acropol (Shoosh) Castle

 Acropol (Shoosh) Castle,iran tourism
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Acropol (Shoosh) Castle, Shoosh 

The Acropol or Shoosh castle was constructed by a group of French archeologists in the year 1897 AD in the highest region of the city. The same is very similar to the Bastille in France. This castle has been constructed by Dezful artists and by means of bricks obtained from Darius (Dariush) castle and some engraved bricks in the Kific script from Choqazanbil. This castle was in the hands of the French authorities before the Islamic revolution, after which it was utilised as the archeological center of Shoosh.

Valuable and important relics such as the famous statue of Queen Napirasustoon, Hamurabi Code and famed buff earthenware glass of Shoosh with a wild goat drawing have been discovered from the Acropol Hill. It took a period of 15 years to build this structure which stood as a defense fort against the attack of local clans and tribes. During Iran-Iraq war this castle was under the bombardment of Iraqi troops, and later on came under re-construction and repair.


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