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6th Century Inscription

 6th Century Inscription,iran tourism
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6th Century Inscription, Khoram Abad 

Located to the south-east of the Khoram Abad - Khuzestan Road and to the north of the ruins of Shahpour Khast, are rectangular engraved blocks. These blocks date back to the 6th century AH. On the western surface of the block there are five lines engraved, on the south western surface six lines, on the north western surface four lines and on the remaining surface four lines have been embossed or sculptured in the 'semi-kufic' and 'nasr' scripts. The said engravings are related to one of the commanders of Soltan Mahmood-ebn Mohammad-ebn Malek Shah Saljuqi, by the name of Abu Sayeed Barsaq Kabir.  This engraving has two commandments - forbidding the use of silk apparel and permitting the grazing of beasts belonging to herdsmen. This engraving is related to the year 513 AH.