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Zarrineh Rood (Cheqtoy Chay) River (Iran tourism)

 Zarrineh Rood (Cheqtoy Chay) River,iran tourism
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Zarrineh Rood (Cheqtoy Chay) River

This river originates from the mountains of Chehel Cheshmeh of Kurdestan. After flowing through the western part of the vast alluvial plain of Miandoab it divides into branches, ultimately flowing into lake Orumieh. The length of this river being 300 km. and its river basin being over 1100 sq. km. On this river a large dam, including a diverting one (Nowrooz Mehr), has been constructed and is about 70 km. from the city of Miandoab. Fishing is allowed in this river where there is a variety of fish.


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