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Local Music and Dances (Iran tourism)

Local Music and Dances,iran tourism
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Local Music and Dances, Kohkiluyeh Va Boyer Ahmad 

Music in Boyer Ahmad tribes as well as other Iranian tribes benefit a nobility and particularities of their own. People of Boyer Ahmad according to the current songs, have special melodies which they call it Qass. The most important of which are Qass Khoshgeleh, Qass Bernou, Yaryar Qass, etc. The musical instruments that are used in this area are named as trumpets, horns and Kattle drums.

Among people of Boyer Ahmad during functions and celebrations, local and native dances are performed. The usual dances in which only men participate are called, dance with two legs, three legs, heirloom dance and legacy. The legacy is a special play among the brave men of this land which has also a special music. This dance is performed by means of two sticks known as Dayaq-Backet which in 2 meters length and a heirloom (Tarkeh), which is 75 cm. in length. Usually one man holds 'Dayaq' (bracket) and the other one holding the heirloom tries to hit 'Dayaq' and his movement is in combination and according to the tune of music which is simultaneously played. The current dances in Boyer Ahmad are called: Sad Samaei, Yal'abeh, Bakhtiyari, Narmeh Narmaeh and Turkish Shah Farangi.