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Kooh-e-Khajeh Hill (Iran tourism)

 Kooh-e-Khajeh Hill,iran tourism
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Kooh-e-Khajeh Hill, Zabol 

 Kooh-e-Khajeh is one of the most valuable and historical relics of this province, and is located in the territory of Sistan. This hillock is at an elevation of 900 m. and is located in the midst of the Hamoon Lake, just like an island. On top of this hill are the remnants of a fire-temple and a colossal palatial structure, with spectacular architectural finish and overlooking a vast court-yard. The fire-temple of this hill has a large gateway and a square hall with corridors around. This structure dates to the first century AD. The surrounding ruins are related to the Parthian and Sassanide periods.