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Khadijeh Khatoon (Khajeh Khatoon) Pilgrimage (Iran tourism)

 Khadijeh Khatoon (Khajeh Khatoon) Pilgrimage,iran tourism
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Khadijeh Khatoon (Khajeh Khatoon) Pilgrimage, Maybod 

 This pilgrimage site is situated in Mehrjerd village of Maybod city. The entrance facade has been restored and two minarets were also constructed and annexed to the edifice. Two tombstones are here of remarkable importance and antiquity. One is in frontal portion of shrine structure with the dimensions of 46 x 32 centimeters and the other one is in the same room with the dimensions of 33 x 33 centimeters. The stone used in these two tombstones belong to the 6th century AH.

Pilgrimage,iran tourism") khadijeh khatoon (khajeh khatoon) pilgrimage Pilgrimage,iran tourism") iran tourism