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Imamzadeh Mohsen (Iran tourism)

Imamzadeh Mohsen,iran tourism
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Imamzadeh Mohsen (Kooh), Hamadan  

This Imamzadeh is located in the village of Farajin (Hamadan). Since it is situated in one of the pleasant valleys in the slopes of the Alvand Mountains it is also known as Imamzadeh Kooh. The structure dates back to the Mongol era (8th century AH.) and is rectangular in shape. In the central part, are two joint tombs with two double covered domes, besides which there are two areas for nocturnal prayers. In one are the burial sites of three disciples of Hazrat Ali (A.S.) and in the other the tomb of Imamazadeh Mohsen (a descendent of Imam Hassan P. B.) is located. 

Imamzadeh Khezr, Hamadan  

The same is in the village of Khezr, located in the suburbs of Hamadan. This is a square structure having a dome. In addition to other artistic efforts internally, the fringes of the 'altar' are adorned with inscriptions in the 'tholth' and 'kufic' scripts. On the upper walls, verses from the famous poet 'Ferdowsi' can be noted. These are plaster engravings in the 'tholth' script. In the outer facade, inscriptions are also present. The Khezr hill is on historical record in Iran.

Other Imamzadehs, Hamadan 

Other Imamzadehs in Hamadan province are, Imamzadeh Aznav (Aiyn and Qeyn) in Kabudrahang, Imamzadeh Hossain and Imamzadeh Ahl-Ebne-Ali and Imamzadeh Yahya in Hamadan.