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Mountains (Iran tourism)

Mountains,iran tourism
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Bareh Haye Dalanak Mountain, Hafshejan, Shahr-e-Kord 

This peak is covered with seasonal glaciers. Mountaineers ascend to the peak through Hafashjan after passing a long valley (Seyed Qani garden) and also Dalanak seasonal glacier.

Dena Mountain, Hafshejan, Shahr-e-Kord 

The track to the said peak begins at Hafashjan. After crossing Kollak garden and lower and upper Kamar Qarchi gardens, mountain climbers ascend the flat rocks on skirts of this mountain and finally by passing through that, they reach Dena peak.

Haft Tanan Mountain, Farsan

This peak rises to more than 4,000 m. and is a favorite spot for mountain climbers. In the lower altitudes, the Kulunchi Mountains exists at a height of 3,988 m.  

Kooh-e-Sookhteh Mountain, Shahr-e-Kord 

This peak is about 4,000 m. above sea level, its mountaineering tracks begin from the village of Dastna. There is a primitive shelter in this route which is extended to the gardens under the rocks of this peak. At the end of these gardens there is a rocky area and mountain climbers with the aid of suitable rock climbing facilities can ascend to the main peak. From here there is a track towards Tang Darkesh Varkesh.The natural scenaries of the peak route are magnificent and interesting.

Saldarvan Mountain, Shahr-e-Kord 

This peak stands at a height of 4,000 m. and is accessible from the plains of Jonaqan after crossing the Jonaqan River towards Tang Dareh and Dareh Karefi. From this peak there is a track towards Cheshmeh Pirhar and towards Tang Daresh Vareshk. These tracks can be used by mountain climbers.

Shah-e-Shahidan Mountain, Shahr-e-Kord 

Around this peak, at the heights of 4,000 m., 4,100 m. and 4,220 m. there are some glaciers. Access to the peak originates from Chilgerd and the route of Shah Shahidan mountain and connects to Mount Karkonan. En route, near the peak, there is a shelter for the temporary rest of mountain climbers.

Other Altitudes and Summits, Chahar Mahal Va Bakhtiyari 

In addition to above, there are various other peaks and summits in this territory which are 2300-4500m in height. They are named as follows: Zard Kooh, Sabz Kooh, Nileh Rood, Takht-e-Shah, Zari Kooh, Kelar, Sar Sabz, Khoshk Rood, Shah Neshin, Khakestari Kooh, Kamisian, Nahr Kooh, Sefidoon, Robat Kooh, Zaqeh Kooh, Booneh, Shahan and Karivar Kooh.