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Tal-e-Khandaq Hill (Iran tourism)

 Tal-e-Khandaq Hill,iran tourism
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Tal-e-Khandaq Hill, Dashtestan 

Approximately towards the north of Burazjan and on the road leading towards Dalky, a few hills and spaces can be noted on either side of the road. On the right side the remains of a round castle along with a moat surrounding it is seen. Throughout the space around, a number of evidences exists such as pieces of earthenware (from the Parthian period), a millstone, decorative rails, mortar and molten iron that most probably belongs to a foundry of those times. The walls were constructed with cobbled stone and a special kind of gypsum which were used to be utilized in architecture of Sassanian era. 

Tal-e-Telesmy Hill, Dashtestan 

This hill is located south of Burazjan and to the north of which is a structure having strong walls made out of cobbled stones and gypsum in a length of more that 20 m. Most probabely the main structure is of the Sassanian era.