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Geographical Position (Iran tourism)

Geographical Position,iran tourism
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Geographical Position, Tehran And Alborz Provinces

 The provinces of Tehran and Alborz cover on area of 18,814 square kilometers and are located to the north of the central plateau of Iran. These provinces have common borders with the Mazandaran province from north, Qom province from south, Semnan province from east and Qazvin province from west. The metropolis of Tehran is not only the central city of the province, but is also the capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran.Karaj is the most populated city which is near the capital of Iran. Since 2010 Karaj as the center of Alborz province became a new province and seprated from Tehran province.According to the latest records, the townships of the Tehran province includes Tehran, Damavand, Ray, Firouz Kooh, Shemiranat, Shahriyar, Varamin, Islam Shahr, Robat Karim and Pakdasht. The townships of the Alborz province includes Karaj , Sabojbolaq, Nazar Abad and Taleqan.The population density of Tehran and Alborz provinces in October 2006 were approximately 13.422 million of which about 91.34% resided is urban areas and 8.65% is the rural area.The highest point of the Tehran province is Damavand peak at an attitude of 5,678 m. and the lower most vicinity of the province being the plains of Varamin, 790 m. above sea level and located to the south-east of the province.Mountain ranges such as the Alborz span the north; the Savad Kooh and Firooz Kooh exhibitionountains are located in the north east; Lavasanat, Qarah Daq, Shemiranat, Hassan Abad and Namak Mountains are in the southern territory; Bibi Shahr Banoo and Alqadr are situated in the south east and the heights of Qasr-e-Firoozeh being located to the east of the province.