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Shah Abolqasem Tomb (Iran tourism)

 Shah Abolqasem Tomb,iran tourism
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Shah Abolqasem Tomb, Dezful 

 The same is located to the right of the Dezful - Shooshtar Road. The structure consists of the entrance doorway, anteroom, nocturnal area of the mosque and the mausoleum. The main entrance is flagged with ancient columns constructed of thick bricks. The nocturnal area is rectangular and the entrance to this forms the corridor of the mausoleum, which has a curved ceiling in roman style, constructed of old sculptured stones.  

The top portion of the doorway was plaster worked in the Eilkhani period, and the sepulchre is of wood and devoid of any inscriptions. Some historians believe that this is the tomb of Yaqub Lais who passed away in the year 265 AH. near Jondi Shapour and the old mausoleum of Shah Abolqasem.