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Jazmoorian Lake (Iran tourism)

 Jazmoorian Lake,iran tourism
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Jazmoorian Lake, Iran Shahr 

 This seasonal lake is located to the west of Baluchestan and a part of it is in Kerman. Its basin extends over an area of approximately 6,9000 sq. km. The Hamoon Jazmoorian lies between the two mountain ranges of Bashagard in the south and Shahvaran in the north. From east to west this lake prolongs over 300 km. and from north to south which constitutes its width extends to 100 km. The Halil Rood and Bampour Rivers flow into the same. 

In comparison to its earth, the soil of Hamoon Jazmoorian is not that salty and comprises of stones, sandy and limestone layers. In respect to the recent periods of geology, this area have been blocked. Whereas before this, it would flow into the Oman Sea from the southwest. Due to the fact of its natural drainage abilities, its water is sweet with just a trace of saltiness.