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Qasr-e-Ayeneh (Mirror Palace) Museum (Iran tourism)

Qasr-e-Ayeneh (Mirror Palace) Museum,iran tourism
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Qasr-e-Ayeneh (Mirror Palace) Museum, Yazd 

 The building of Mirror Place museum has a foundation of 837 square meters and is located in a garden 8,174 square meters in area. The museum building was formerly belonging to a wealthy personality of Yazd. After the Islamic revolution, it has been converted into the museum. In this museum, calligraphic collections, guns, coins, books, stamps, locks, a bridle (of the second millennium BC.), samples of Lurestan's bronze, endowed works of the deceased Seyed Hossein Heidari (a Yazdi collector) and some other articles are displayed. This museum is located in Kashani Yazdi street opposite Yazd's Haft-e-Tir Park.


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