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Imamzadeh Sahl ebne Ali (Iran tourism)

 Imamzadeh Sahl ebne Ali,iran tourism
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Imamzadeh Sahl-ebne Ali, Shazand 

This tomb is located in the city of Astaneh, amidst natural surroundings in Sarband. The structure and dome of the Imamzadeh is a remnant of the Al Booyeh era and is counted as one of the respected tombs of Iran. During the 9th and 10th centuries AH., much of the endowments for the renewal of the tomb and expenditure of pilgrimes was donated. The current structure of this Imamzadeh is related to the reign of Shah Esmaeil Safavid and the date revealed on the tomb is 772 AH.

The chest on the tomb has an inscription in Naskh script and its engraving is interesting. In addition to the chest, the doors and latticed worked window are counted as valuable artistic relics and attractive features.