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Kabir Jame Mosque (Iran tourism)

Kabir Jame Mosque,iran tourism
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Kabir Jame' Mosque, Qazvin 

The said mosque is a remnant of the Saljuqi and Safavid periods and is located in the Shohada avenue of Qazvin. The mosque has a large rectangular courtyard with a huge pool in the center. The said vicinity of the mosque is more than 4,000 sq.m. On the four sides of the structure are elevated porches. Flanking the northern porch are two beautiful minarets. On each side of the porches are two lengthy porticos.

The structures are made of brick, and the most ancient segment of the mosque is a small domed structure leading to the corridor of the eastern entrance of the mosque. The said structure is constructed of large sun-baked bricks and clay. This is known as the Harooni arch or the ancient and short structure. The same was constructed in the year 192 AH, under the orders of Haroon-Ol Rashid. The other section of the mosque's structure from the historical aspect is its double cover brick dome, relevant to the Saljuqi era, and its nocturnal areas.

This is considered a masterpiece from the architectural point of view in the 6th century AH.(between the years 500-509 AH.), known as the Khomar Tashi area where there are five epigraphs. This personality, i.e., Amir Khomar Tash was responsible for the addition of two other nocturnal areas to the structure, today these are reputedly known as the fire place.  The porch and elevated platform in front of the domed Saljuqi nocturnal area was built in the year 1069 AH. in the Safavid period. In the corridor of this porch, there are two gigantic columns on which marble tablets are affixed. There is a strong possibility that the western and northern porches including its two minarets are related to the Safavid era. The northern porch and its minarets have repeatedly undergone repairs.