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Moshtaqiyeh (Segonbad) Dome (Iran tourism)

Moshtaqiyeh (Segonbad) Dome,iran tourism
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Moshtaqiyeh (Segonbad) Dome, Kerman 

This dome is located in the Moshtaqiyeh sq. in Kerman and was constructed during the Qajar reign. Three domes have been constructed on three tombs belonging to Moshtaq Ali Shah, Sheikh Esmail and Kowsar Ali Shah. Moshtaq Ali Shah was a Gnostic of the 13th century AH. and was stoned to death in the year 1206 AH. due to his personal beliefs. He was condemned because of reciting the Holy Qoran with a string instrument called the sitar. The dome on his tomb was constructed in the year 1260 AH.

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