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Sajas Rood River (Iran tourism)

 Sajas Rood River,iran tourism

The Sajas Rood finds its source in the southern slopes of the Aq Daq Mountains, which lie to the north east of Qeydar and to the south east of Zanjan.


Qezel Ozan River (Iran tourism)

Qezel Ozan River,iran tourism

This river finds its source in the mountains of Kurdestan, and meandering through the winter residing quarters (Qishlaq) of the Afshar terrain, finds its way to the suburbs of Khoda Bandeh.


Abhar Rood River (Iran tourism)

 Abhar Rood River,iran tourism

This vicinity is within the limits of the eastern face of Garah Daq Mountains, in the rural area of Sajas, taking its source 30 km north east of Qeydar.