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Latiyan Dam Lake (Iran tourism)

 Latiyan Dam Lake,iran tourism

This lake is located 25 km north-east of Tehran and covers an area of 330 hectares on Jajrood River. Around this lake is a vast recreational site.


National Arts Museum (Iran tourism)

 National Arts Museum,iran tourism

The facade of museum is adorned with tile works. It has a large wooden door with a network of glass panes. The wooden and carved planets as well as the velvet curtains are all the works of the artists employed by the museum.


Reza Abbasi Museum (Iran tourism)

 Reza Abbasi Museum,iran tourism

This museum has been named after the famous artist (painter) and calligrapher of the Safavid era and consists of two halls: Pre-Islamic Hall: The remnants of this hall are relative to two reputed cycles of pre-historic and historical periods.